A Mother’s Love

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In this day and age of Coronavirus, we are fraught with uncertainties and fears that crop up daily, even momentarily. We are inundated with a lack of work, financial security, and an uncertain future. Many families and friends are separated due to a lack of safety, and isolation exists- and it’s hard to relate to. With Mother’s Day tomorrow, I have some suggestions that will warm your heart and lift your spirits.

When you think of stress, what comes to mind? Where do you usually feel stress in your body? Your answers may change, especially in recent times if you are stressed and in need of human connection. What thoughts give you peace and comfort, especially when thinking of your mother (or mother-figure)?

I work with individuals, couples, and families who deal with family trauma or the outcome of living with unhealthy patterns. In Psychotherapy, we discover ways couples and families can best relate and heal what ails them. This includes statements of each individual’s truth, and developing better listening and creative problem-solving skills working through the issues.

Here’s Some Possible Thank You’s for Your Mom (or Your Surrogate):

Thank you, Mom, for all these and many more gifts…

  1. For wanting me and giving me life.
  2. For taking care of me when I was young and in need of you.
  3. For giving me the best in you when you could.
  4. Be teaching me by example and with instruction, both silly and important things.
  5. Giving me some tools to move on, get ahead, learn a life lesson, or enjoy what was right in front of me.
  6. Ways you taught me by example; reminding me to be the best parts of myself.
  7. For growing and teaching me that there is always room for wisdom and growth.
  8. For being there for me, when I really needed it, and still need mothering.
  9. Thank you for teaching me to drink in the beauty of nature and its exquisite process of growth and rebirth.
  10. And for showing me all of yourself and your beauty, even the parts still growing.
  11. For letting me learn and grow my way, knowing that I can continue to learn, too.
  12. For loving me, as I have loved you, throughout it all.

Happy, Healthy Mother’s Day to My Mom and to All of the Mom’s Out There (past, present, and future)~ Reach out to me if you need a Therapist to talk with or process your feelings. Most insurances will reimburse you for sessions with me. Scroll to the contact Form and Reach Out. www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com

Tend to The Children by Nina Sidell, M.A.

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Considering the mental anguish and upset in our current society today with the Cornoavirus, we either tune-out or focus on how we feel and what can create. Depending on where you live and what your personal story is defines your reality. If you feel comfortable diving into what you need to grow and change, even if it’s a new thing, this is good news for you as a parent.

This growth-oriented mentality works as you experience and overcome aspects of your personal realm of reality. The decision to openly deal with the truth of your thoughts and feelings is essential. It must exist for your children, too. You are at the helm of your children’s world. As a parent, whether you live with your offspring or not- you are the leader. With a general attitude of growth and learning, moving forward, everyone can grow and get their emotional needs met.

Here are some things to be aware of to parent today:

  1. Notice what your children are saying and not saying (possibly showing).
  2. Be cognizant of your children’s mood and energy levels; be understanding.
  3. Listen to your children and invite healthy contact and resolution.
  4. Create and maintain healthy boundaries for appropriate personal space.
  5. Emotionally engage your children in daily ways to stay connected and display respect for one person to another.
  6. Maintain school/ learning time, creative self-expression and socialization regularly.
  7. Be affectionately demonstrative; ask your children what they need and listen to them.
  8. Everyone must feel safe, no matter what.
  9. Devise a system that works at home to encourage safety, communication, and respecting a variety of needs.
  10. Respect differences between family members, see each one as a special individual in their own right.
  11. Create a system that works for yourself and your children!
  12. Seek out professional help or assistance if needed. Whether or not you have needed it before, this is a monumentally challenging time.

Stay safe and take good care. Please see my recent video on YouTube and my two books. Reach out if you need therapy. I am here to help. www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com

Take good care, Nina~

Need Help During Coronavirus?

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During this unprecedented time of Coronavirus, many of us are feeling a level of stress that we have not experienced before. During this ultra stressful worldwide pandemic, we are faced with tension and strains beyond the norm of our daily lives. While we have faced other life-changing situations, this particular pandemic captures a new level of fear for many of us. A war has been waged that is gaining familiarity and getting far out of control.

While we watch the news on TV and adjust to a newly frightening societal truth and medical pandemic, we must find calm when we can. It is the responsibility of everyone to seek out support and connection, as well as find a place of internal calm during this frightening pandemic.

Here Are Some Coping Strategies to Help You Cope:

  1. Before bed at night, and every morning, take several slow, deep breaths and recognize that you control every breath and thought you have throughout the day.
  2. Put your hand on your heart and chest as you slowly breathe in and breathe out. Hold each breath to a count (5 or 6) slower than the usual for you. On the out breath, intentionally push out negative energy.
  3. Get outside or imagine being outdoors at a beautiful natural respite, a favorite place- and breathe in the natural beauty all around you.
  4. Create a set of daily rituals that calm you and give you a sense of peace and purpose.
  5. Be aware of consciously reaching out to others who serve to support you vs. challenge you.
  6. Report any abuse you may be suffering at home to health care professionals or pharmacists around you. Use Code Word: “Mask 19”.
  7. In your daily rituals, be sure to take care of your emotional self by being gentle with what comes up.
  8. Be available to your loved ones and children in the same way.
  9. Find respite in creative endeavors so that your mind can expand now.
  10. Do what you can to help another person, if only listening to them.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE NOW. Please reach out to others who are able to be of support to you now. I am offering phone sessions, that can be FREE through your insurance reimbursement. I can be reached at: www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com or at: 215-628-0282.

God Bless You and Yours~

Take good care,


Self-Care During Coronavirus

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During this time of increased illness and our necessary adaptation to social limits, including quarantine, we are naturally afraid. It is naturally uncomfortable to deal with trying times, especially when health is compromised. Social structures morph quickly and our rules to cope with them follow suite.

What do you do to cope with the threatening Coronavirus and how do you deal with changing times? It is up to each person and every family to sit within, and find a peaceful protocol that can be followed. It is the responsibility of each of us to find our “inner peace” during this frantic time. Unfortunately, it is not a simple or easy task to find our calm in the face of uncertainty; but it is our right and our duty nonetheless.

So what do you do during this unprecedented phase of the Coronavirus pandemic? Here are some practical tips for you to follow:

  1. Maintain order in ways that keep you and your family feeling emotionally safe. This includes regular work, play, family, and relaxation time.
  2. Be open to conversations and healing in the form of discussion. Be sure that you are sensitive to age-appropriateness when sharing.
  3. Stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues via talking on the phone, texting, sending notes, exercise or visits at a distance.
  4. Explore creativity in ways that relax you and allow you to express yourself-free of judgment.
  5. Seek out therapy on the phone if your agitation or fears grow and you need support.
  6. Find motivational or inspirational books that move you deeply.
  7. Look for amusing or motivational quotes and images online or at home.
  8. Activate the tension in your body and use physical fitness to unwind.
  9. This is a time where people are coming together to find peace and love. We are all in this together, so open your heart and mind.
  10. Re-evaluate your career path and be open to adjusting it for the future.
  11. Use this time to heal whatever ails you; including broken relationships. You can write a letter and choose to send or not send it.
  12. Express gratitude for all that you have in your life, including the precious souls that keep you connected to love.

Take this time to reflect on your self-care, your care for others, and your career. If you need therapy at this time, please reach out to me at: www.LiveInspiredwithNina.com or call me at: 215-628-0282.

I am here to help. My two books are on Amazon- “Parenting for Life-Consciously Creating Your Lifetime Relationship with Your Child.” -AND- “Conscious Wisdom for Life- Inspiring Tips for Mindful Living”.

Parenting Toolbox Tips

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“What do you remember as a child? What do you want your child to remember? Nina Sidell, M.A.”Parenting for Life”

When you are in the throes of parenting, the dynamic feels immediate, momentary, and specific to the interaction or developmental stage. What we often need to be reminded of as parents is that every interaction builds your lifetime relationship. Every interaction offers a deepening of love and respect, trust and safety between parent and child. Every interaction has the potential to create a memory, whether positive or negative, and offers life lessons that reach far beyond the moments you both experience, especially for the child.

To parent well over time you must be aware of consistent practices to support your strongest lifetime relationship.

Here Are Some Tips to Add to Your Parenting Toolbox:

  • Be aware of your own feelings and attitudes as you react or respond to your child.
  • Notice your triggers from current or past unresolved issues to help you be a mindful parent in the present.
  • Take care of your unmet inner childhood needs as you build empathy and sensitivity skills as a parent.
  • Welcome life lessons, “insight moments”, and “lifetime insights” while teaching this openness to your child.
  • Be sure to model healthy boundaries and accountability around your words and actions.
  • Get support if you need to gain healing, strengthen your boundaries, or personal accountability.
  • Learn about your parenting style and parenting goals, building tools that reflect both.
  • Notice the many positive interactions and behaviors that support your child and your relationship.
  • Create a home that feels like a safe place, a sanctuary for all.
  • Remember that everyone’s needs matter in a family.

Reach out to me for a free phone consultation if you need individual, couples, co-parenting, family or child therapy and support. I also work with parents and families during and post-divorce.

Call: 215-628-0282 or Email: Nina@LiveInspiredwithNina.com

For your copies of my Award-Winning book, “Parenting for Life” click here: https://www.amazon.com/Parenting-Life-Nina-Sidell-M-A/dp/1506175589 

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