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Parent, Love, Learn, Work, and Live Inspired!®

Want to be a better parent? Find support, strategies and hope in a safe place. Invest in yourself and your child!

  • Do you need more skill, calm and inspiration to help you connect and relate to your child, teen or co-parent? Whether coupled or not- when you get stuck in negative interactions and don’t know how to change the pattern, it’s time for a change!

If you want to re-focus, learn positive new skills and take better next steps to parent or co-parent with awareness and succeed with tools that work, I can help!

  • Are you building and healing your relationship with your child, teen or adult child or are you dismissing and tearing it down?

Let me guide you to improve and better enjoy your relationship with your child, at any age and stage of your time together!

  • How well are you at taking care of yourself, while meeting the needs of others at home and at work?

Make time for yourself to become more self-aware and self-nurturing. I’ll show you how!

  • Do you have a dream or goal that seems unattainable, because you feel overwhelmed, stressed or low energy to pursue it?

I am here to guide and support you using psychotherapy, life coaching and personal development programs designed to elevate your energy and life!

  •  Does your company, college, school or hospital need to bolster a culture of personal development?

I speak and provide interactive and experiential workshops that educate, encourage and inspire groups!

NINA SIDELL, M.A. brings her professional expertise and skill as a therapist and life coach to you, in a safe setting where you are free to explore, find clarity and take positive action.  CONTACT NINA and get started today!

Learn to Live Inspired!®

Contact Nina to motivate, educate, encourage and inspire you or your group!

Would you like to improve your relationships, take better care of yourself, set and reach your most important goals in all areas of your life and create a happier, healthier life starting now?

Live Inspired!®

Live Your Best Life Yet!

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